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  70 Hemicuda - Josiah Behrens


Josiah Behrens - 1970 Hemicuda - Survivor

Original Above

Revised to eliminate weaknesses - neutralized color a bit and fixed glass - ABOVE
New tires and front rim - Repair to window frame shape and trim edge
Nicely blended treaded tires

Shirt Layout - ABOVE

Boot details, Door chrome, Pass mirror

All new driver's side door chrome, Visors, 3 Speaker dash!

Elastometric bumper!

S H A K E R !   Hood pin -with Wire Tab & Screws

Red bar grill inserts with piece next to Plymouth badge, Dealer Tag and Fogs!

Interior recovered incorrectly (color is right)

Original Leather Seat (my Cuda)

NEW SEATS--Total Redraw (5 hours front seats-4 hours back Seats) New boot, Door chrome, rear view mirror, Visors.
(Interior & Adjustments 12 hours) ...A little Dark...

--- The Extreme E-body Interior is now available for a little extra on your Cuda! ---

Look at that All New Mirror .......! and the NEW interior.

Old Interior -no drivers door chrome, old seats, old boot and dash speaker position-New Visors - Old Mirror

Watermark bkgd layout

Old coloring above (not so nice) old interior etc (see Dusbabek)

70 Hemicuda
Tan Leather Interior Buckets
Tan Boot
Stripe Delete
Polyglas GT F60 15 Rally Wheels
Trim Rings from Peregrim Art
Rocker Gills
Argent Shaker
Hood Pins Flat Nose to tail
3 Speaker Dash
Std Steering Wheel
Red Bar Grill with extra red block next to the Plymouth Badge
Top of door edge chrome
Hemicuda Badge Bkgd interest in RTS Decal

18x24 Size

Paid in full by Visa
263 Behrens Road
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Ordered & Paid 9/26/05